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Cosmocartography Shortlisted for prestigious Rubery Book Award

It was lovely to hear that Cosmocartography has been Shortlisted for the prestigious Rubery Book Award 2019. There's a really wonderful spread of writers and books on the shortlist across many different forms and it's an honour to be amongst them.

The judges said of the Cosmocartography;

"There is thought behind this collection, with the author grouping poems together according to a 'constellation' of themes: family, friends, nature, love, the self, and solidarity. The poems mostly have the expansive feel of performance pieces, exploring themes with an informal tone. They have some focus, though, and an original, innovative feel, even when dealing with subjects steeped in stereotype and cliché - his long reflection on How to Be an Irish Emigrant, for instance, is a lovely example of his ability to interrogate tropes in ways that illuminate rather than emulate, underpinned by the kind of intelligence and authenticity that pervades the collection."

Thank you so much for the judges and administrative team for their work and for thinking the collection worthy enough to be considered for the award.

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