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Mentoring & Workshops

I've had the pleasure of working with many organisations and individuals to nurtuer, inspire, education and activate people's creativity and writing practice in a warm, safe, challenging and holistic environment. As well as leading countless workshops on various themes and topics, working with individuals to develop their own creativity to whatever their ambition is, and responding to a brief from an organisation - I really enjoy this kind of work as I get to work closely with people and discuss my favourite thing: writing. If you're interested in booking me for any mentoring or workshop work, please get in touch using the button below. I am highly experienced and happy to work flexibly for whatever kind of writing support you might need. The rest of this page will note some of the projects I have worked on as a mentor or workshop facilitator.













Writer on the Bloc

This intense three-week digital residency saw me work with a wide range of international emerging writers through discussions, workshops, performances and mentoring to develop the participant's creativity, confidence, skill and focus. You can watch my introductory In Conversation about the residency here.

Write to Work

Write to Work offers unemployed Liverpool City Region creatives the space, skills and support to get writing, learn from published writers, create new writing, and develop their confidence to pursue the job they want or explore further education and training.  I have had the pleasure of delivering multiple workshops for the Write To Work programme and mentor a selection of their participants during the course. Find more info and details of the publications here

Moving Foreword

Moving Foreword worked with Liverpool’s next generation of freelance writers and artists, to develop their creative and professional writing across many art forms whilst providing the necessary practical support, community connections and industry knowledge. I had the opportunity to mentor several of its cohort as they navigated freelance life, emerging creative status and the pandemic. It was an ambitious course that has set the foundation for Liverpool's next generation of artists who you can read in the anthology here.

The Last Word

I worked with a fantastic group of young people at Merseyside Youth Association over the course of a couple of months to inspire creativity, confidence and other skills through creative writing. We discussed the history of spoken word, developing our creativity, what makes a good writing habit and much more. The culmination of this project was the publication of The Last Word.

FEEDBAck from participants


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Wonderful, honest and insightful conversation full of helpful tips, support and advice from Ciaran.

Thorough, clear, engaging and inspiring

It was really encouraging and uplifting to hear someone who we know talk about the pleasure of taking their own work, stuff they had written on the road and celebrating it. It was delightful to hear. Set a great tone.

Always engaging - this particular session was informative, stimulating and challenging.

Wonderful and thoughtful conversation with lots of resources and further information made available to help us research the topic further

Really good exercises and examples to get you thinking about the whole potential of commissions.

Ciaran has really helped me out by sharing his stories, experiences and bringing out every one else's experience

Fabulous, interesting and really helpful conversation with amazing tips and information

This evening's open conversation with Ciarán in the Block Socials was food for the soul. 

Amazing and insightful workshop with an engaging, friendly and brilliant poet. Loved it

Just the boost and pump I needed in my writing process. Beautifully done Ciaran. Great advice, tips and more on trying to get a collection together. 

Warm and supportive atmosphere generated by Ciaran, really interesting and so helpful to hear how he structured his work into a collection and also hear everyone else’s works in progress, wonderful evening

Ciaran's insight, enthusiasm and encouragement has been a huge help and boost to me. I consider this to be a real turning point for me. I feel much more confident moving forward and putting my work out there. Am so grateful to have taken part.

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