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The Frogs was a spoken word theatre show produced by MMU's Student Society of the Year 2014 Poetry In Motion. As Chair we were funded by the Student Ents fund by IdeasTap, and our amazing logo was designed by Mike Hazard.

Taking the classic play The Frogs by Aristophanes as a departure point, Poetry In Motion wrote, directed and performed in this interdisciplinary new spoken word show. The original play was all about the history of arts' legacy and the current state of the arts in general, something which the group identified as being relevant to their practice at the time. It involved a score of classic 80's tunes reimagined as folk and country songs, a medley of cast and an explosive ending.


The performance was on the 17th December 2014 to a busy house in the Axis Arts Centre. Below is the video trailer and some photos from the group around the time of the production.

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